Pupil Premium - 2013/14

Number of students eligible



Amount received per pupil



TOTAL PP received







Y9 Reading Intervention


  • Improvement in percentage of students eligible for PP funding reading above chronological age in 3 months:
  1. Y9 girls from 36% to 49%
  2. Y9 Low attaining students from 0% to 9%
  3. Y9 all from 35%-40%
  4. Y9 students eligible for Pupil Premium funding from 26%-34%
  5. Y9 high attaining students from 65% to 81%


  • Sound training for reading (95% improvement in WRAT4 testing post intervention)
  • The percentage of students eligible for PP funding in Y8, Y9 and Y11 who made accelerated reading progress was higher than not eligible (Feb – NOV 2013)

Sound Training to be continued but with Y7.

Refreshments for intervention sessions


  • Interventions were better attended, students felt supported; incentives to attend.

Continue with as incentives but also aids learning

Library Books


  • Changing the culture of reading in the school
  • Reading is improving in all years, with students eligible for PP funding making faster reading progress than students who are not eligible for PP funding
  • All students have a book in their bag
  • All students read for at least 15 mins a day

Continue to invest in developing this library

Resources for subjects


  • Students eligible for PP funding have better equipment for learning.

Resources to be requested through PP funding form from departments

Revision Guides


  • ICT, Maths and Science revision guides provided to Students eligible for PP funding

Continue to support

Supporting educational visits for individuals


  • Students eligible for PP funding have the opportunities as much as students who are not eligible for PP funding.

Continue to support, include National Trust guidance on ‘What to do before you are 11 3/4 ‘ in Y6/Y7 summer school.



  • Students don’t get penalised for poor uniform, decreased record of behaviour incidents; better attendance

Continue for Long term gains and improvement in attendance and behaviour. Individual strategies.

Transport to school to improve attendance


  • Improved attendance rate whole school

Continue. Look at bus passes.

One-to One/small group tuition


  • Of the 13 Pupil premium students who did the Maths external intervention, 62% achieved expected progress and 85% achieved a C+ in the November exam (target grades)

Look at other companies to provide this.

Additional staffing: learning mentor, Literacy Mentor, TA’s, Maths teacher,


  • 59% of students who have improved grades between Jan 2014 – May 2014 in English are PP. The student with one of the biggest improvements has a statement.
  • 68% of students who have improved grades between Jan 2014 – May 2014 in Maths are PP.
  • Maths tutor having impact with 75% of his cohort making expected levels of progress and improving grades from D’s to C’s between the last data collection point and the November exam
  • English tutor 24/25 (96%) student’s improved controlled assessments and exam technique going from grade D’s in the last data collection point to a grade C in controlled assessments.
  • 16 students were mentored on a 6 week block by the newly appointed PP mentor. 14 of these made improvements in Attendance, behaviour and/ or their English and Maths progress.


Continue and develop to reduce class size and intervene with underperforming students

Behaviour/ attendance strategies


  • Ruby Girl 87% have improved their attendance during the course (2 months)
  • Ruby Girl 91% have reduced their behaviour incidents;  2 students from 27 to 0 (2 months)
  • Behaviour incidents of Students eligible for PP funding reduced between term 1 and term 2 although Students eligible for PP funding make up for just over half of the overall behaviour incidents.
  • Attendance of Students eligible for PP funding with a statement has increased from 86.49% to 90.42%.


New course to start November 2014.

Lexia Reading intervention

£6000 per year

  • Accelerated reading progress for all groups impact:
  1. Y11 girls from 26% to 30%
  2. Y9 EAL students from 37% to 61%
  3. Y9 PP students from 35% to 62%
  4. Y8 PP students from 24% to 62%
  5. Y8 Statemented students from 0% to 83%


Continue with but using the new reading strategy

Accelerated Reading Programme


  • Accelerated reader - Of the 212 students in Y8-11 who have improved their ZPD, 112 improved their overall reading age (term 2-3)


Continue with whole school. Improve monitoring and analysis of the impact.

2014 -15

The key objectives:

  • Targeting the funding well from the outset
  • Effective intervention classes and individual tuition to improve achievement in English and mathematics
  • Ensuring that teaching assistants help to raise standards
  • Minimising barriers to learning and achievement
  • To promote the active involvement of Governors
  • Effective monitoring and evaluation of the impact of spending
  • Carefully planned summer schools with a clear purpose